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Welcome to all student and substitute teachers seeking helpful and practical information that will promote the likelihood of your teaching success.

I, James Gaudio, have written concise, point-by-point accounts of what I wish I had known prior to doing my student teaching and to working as a substitute teacher.
I have
now been teaching full time for about fourteen years, and I still consider my time student teaching and substitute teaching as being uniquely demanding experiences. There is, however, help available that was not available to me. I offer a booklet designed to help student teachers and another booklet designed to help substitute teachers. Even though these booklets are two separate entities, they certainly complement one another. So, I am offering the two together for the price of $6.50, total. If purchased individually, the price is $5.50, total, for either one, alone. There are no discounts for multiple orders.

Again, student and substitute teaching are typically stressful. The way to minimize one's stress is to maximize one's preparedness. Indeed, the three most important components of teaching-related success are preparation, preparation and preparation. I am sure my booklets will go a long way in helping you to be properly prepared i.e., successful.

In closing, I should mention that I earned recognition as an outstanding student teacher upon completion of my student teaching assignment. Also, as a substitute teacher, I was on several schools' "call first" list. This "list" typically exists in the various teaching departments and/or teachers' lounges of a given school. Although not formal in nature, this "list" is often consulted by teachers needing subs. Being successful as a sub ultimately played an important part in my receiving interviews for full time positions.

James Gaudio

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