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When I began my student teaching, I had next to no idea what lay ahead. Frankly, there was absolutely no portion of the education curriculum at my alma mater that came close to addressing the nature of the student teaching assignment. It is my supposition that my above-described circumstance is typical, i.e., being shoved feeling blindfolded into the student teaching assignment. For example, I found out the hard way that a student teacher's lack of experience is an Achilles' heel. Problem students and/or their parents commonly shoot arrows at this vulnerable spot. My student teacher's booklet is designed to help the student teacher deal with this and other likely situations or problems. The booklet will help to prepare the student teacher for what lies ahead regarding lesson plans (Is it really your class?), student discipline (Are you a teacher or a guest?), workload (Ugh!), paperwork (Ugh, again!), professional protocol (Don't step on the wrong toes!), and much more.

It is my considered opinion that a positive student teaching experience can go a long way in developing the confidence necessary to begin one's teaching career. My booklet will help you to finish student teaching successfully by preparing you to start it properly.

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